Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Line of the Principality of Avacal

The line of the Principality of Avacal comes from the line of the Kingdom of An Tir, birthed by King Skepti I and Queen Onore.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

*Prince Rorik and Princess Gwendolyn
Coronet: 1996/07/?? in Montengarde (Wetaskewin)
Investiture: 1996/08/31 in Myrgan Wood
Stepped down: 1997/02/22 in Montengarde

*Prince Vik I and Princess Ceridwyn
Coronet: 1996/12/02 in Stonewolf
Investiture: 1997/02/22 in Montengarde
Stepped down: 1997/08/16
*Prince Albrecht I and Princess Eirika I
Coronet: 1997/06/07 in Loch Dorr
Investiture: 1997/08/15 in Valley Wold
Stepped down: 1998/02/21 in Borealis/Stonewolf
*Prince Gunther I and Princess Tatianna
Coronet: 1997/12/06 in Veraquilon
Investiture: 1998/02/21 in Borealis/Stonewolf
Stepped down: 1998/08/22 in Sigelehundas
*Prince Vik II and Princess Catriona I
Coronet: 1998/06/06 in Montengarde
Investiture: 1998/08/22 in Sigelehundas
Stepped down: 1999/02/27 in Valley Wold
*Prince Shamus and Princess Esperanza
Coronet: 1998/12/05 in Myrgan Wood
Investiture: 1999/02/27 in Valley Wold
Stepped down: 1999/08/21 in Bitter End
*Prince Angar and Princess Valeria
Coronet: 1999/06/05 in Loch Dorr
Investiture: 1999/08/21 in Bitter End
Stepped down: 2000/02/26 in Sigelehundas
*Prince Eric and Princess Cailleach
Coronet: 1999/11/27 in WyndWyrm
Investiture: 2000/02/26 in Sigelehundas
Stepped down: 2000/08/19 in Valley Wold
*Prince Vik III and Princess Eirika II
Coronet: 2000/06/03 in Cold Keep
Investiture: 2000/08/19 in Valley Wold
Stepped down: 2001/02/24 in Myrgan Wood
Prince Gunther II and Princess Catriona II
Coronet: 2000/11/25 in Montengarde
Investiture: 2001/02/24 in Myrgan Wood
Stepped down: 2001/08/18 in Valley Wold
Prince Albrecht II and Princess Maraigha
Coronet: 2001/06/02 in Loch D'Orr
Investiture: 2001/08/18 in Valley Wold
Stepped down: 2002/02/23 in Stonewolf
*Prince Vik IV and Princess Inga I
Coronet: 2001/11/24 in Myrgan Wood
Investiture: 2002/02/23 in Stonewolf
Stepped down: 2002/08/17 in Lakelands
*Prince Ivar and Princess Asney
Coronet: 2002/06/29 in Borealis
Investiture: 2002/08/17 in Lakelands
Stepped down: 2003/02/22
Prince Einar I and Princess Svetlana
Coronet: 2002/11/30 in Sigelhundas
Investiture: 2003/02/22
Stepped down: 2003/08/16 in Veraquilon? Borealis?
*Prince Steinn I and Princess Gemma I
Coronet: 2003/06/07 in Cold Keep
Investiture: 2003/08/16 in Veraquilon? Borealis?
Stepped down: 2004/02/28 in Myrgan Wood
*Prince Murchad and Princess Morrigan
Coronet: 2003/11/29 in Harrow's Cross
Investiture: 2004/02/28 in Myrgan Wood
Stepped down: 2004/08/14 in Sigelhundas
*Prince Vik V and Princess Inga II
Coronet: 2004/06/05 in Montengarde
Investiture: 2004/08/14 in Sigelhundas
Stepped down: 2005/02/26
*Prince Gunther III and Princess Eyoddi
Coronet: 2004/11/27
Investiture: 2005/02/26
Stepped down: 2005/08/13 in Montengarde
*Prince Einar II and Princess Ifatahyo I
Coronet: 2005/06/04
Investiture: 2005/08/13 in Montengarde
Stepped down: 2006/02/25
*Prince Kvigr I and Princess Shunzei
Coronet: 2005/11/26
Investiture: 2006/02/25
Stepped down: 2006/08/12 in Valley Wold
Prince Wernar I and Princess Tatiana
Coronet: 2006/06/03
Investiture: 2006/08/12 in Valley Wold
Stepped down: 2007/02/24
*Prince Steinn II and Princess Gemma II
Coronet: 2006/11/25
Investiture: 2007/02/24
Stepped down: 2007/08/18 in Bitter End
Prince Kvigr II and Princess Linet
Coronet: 2007/06/02 in Cold Keep
Investiture: 2007/08/18 in Bitter End
Stepped down: 2008/02/23 in Borealis
*Prince Einar III and Princess Ifatahyo II
Coronet: 2007/11/24 in Bordergate
Investiture: 2008/02/23 in Borealis
Stepped down: 2008/08/16 in Harrows
*Prince Toryn I and Princess Natal'ia
Coronet: 2008/06/07 in Cold Keep
Investiture: 2008/08/16 in Harrows
Stepped down: 2009/02/28 in Myrgan Wood
*Prince Hjalti and Princess Eirika Mjöksiglanda
Coronet: 2008/11/29 in Montengarde
Investiture: 2009/02/28 in Myrgan Wood
Stepped down: 2009/08/15 in Sigelhundas
*Prince Steinn III and Princess Gemma III
Coronet: 2009/06/06 in Rhuddglyn
Investiture: 2009/08/15 in Sigelhundas
Stepped down: 2010/02/27
*Prince Wernar II and Princess Hélène
Coronet: 2009/11/28 in Valley Wold
Investiture: 2010/02/27
Stepped down: 2010/07/31
Prince Kirk and Princess Bryjna
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2010/07/31
Stepped down: 2011/02/26
Prince Aiden and Princess Issabbella
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2011/02/26
Stepped down: 2011/07/30
Prince Toryn II and Princess Evja I
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2011/07/30
Stepped down: 2012/02/25
Prince Ogedei and Princess Ifatahyo III
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2012/02/25
Stepped down: 2012/08/04
Prince Wernar III and Princess Sina
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2012/08/04
Stepped down: 2013/02/23
Prince Einar IV and Princess Sadb
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2013/02/23
Stepped down: 2013/08/03
Prince Ellias and Princess Kiera
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2013/08/03
Stepped down: 2014/02/15
Prince Toryn III and Princess Evja II
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2014/02/15
Stepped down: 2014/06/28
Prince Kvigr III and Princess Svava
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2014/06/28
Stepped down: 2015/01/17
Prince Gunther IV and Princess Amethyst
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2015/01/17
Stepped down: 2015/06/23

Here ends the line of the Principality of Avacal. Its heritage continues with the line of the Kingdom of Avacal.

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