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The Line of the Kingdom of Ealdormere

The line of the Kingdom of Ealdormere comes from the line of the Principality of Ealdormere, birthed by Prince Berus and Princess Marion.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

*King David and Queen Elina
Crown: 1998/04/04 in Bryniau Tywynnog
Coronation: 1998/10/24 in Ben Dunfirth
Stepped down: 1999/04/10 in Septentria

*King Osis and Queen Caitlin
Crown: 1998/11/14 in der Welfengau
Coronation: 1999/04/10 in Septentria
Stepped down: 1999/09/18 in Rising Waters
*King Kildare and Queen Josephine
Crown: 1999/05/01 in Caer Draeth/Skeldergate
Coronation: 1999/09/18 in Rising Waters
Stepped down: 2000/04/29 in Ben Dunfirth
*King Edouard I and Queen Eanor
Crown: 1999/10/09 in Trinovantia Nova
Coronation: 2000/04/29 in Ben Dunfirth
Stepped down: 2000/09/23 in Brennistein Vatn
*King Berus I and Queen Marion I
Crown: 2000/05/13 in Caer Draeth
Coronation: 2000/09/23 in Brennistein Vatn
Stepped down: 2001/04/21 in Ramshaven
*King Roak I and Queen Carlotta
Crown: 2000/10/14 in Rising Waters
Coronation: 2001/04/21 in Ramshaven
Stepped down: 2001/09/15 in Greyfells
*King Aaron I and Queen Rustique I
Crown: 2001/05/12 in Ardchreag
Coronation: 2001/09/15 in Greyfells
Stepped down: 2002/04/27 in Rising Waters
*King Sarnac and Queen Joleicia
Crown: 2001/10/13 in Skeldergate
Coronation: 2002/04/27 in Rising Waters
Stepped down: 2002/09/28 in Caer Draeth
*King Roak II and Queen Arlette
Crown: 2002/05/25 in Ramshaven
Coronation: 2002/09/28 in Caer Draeth
Stepped down: 2003/05/03 in Trinovantia Nova
*King Edouard II and Queen Genevieve I
Crown: 2002/10/26 in Tor Brant
Coronation: 2003/05/03 in Trinovantia Nova
Stepped down: 2003/09/20 in Rising Waters
*King Cennedi and Queen Susannah
Crown: 2003/05/31 in Ben Dunfirth
Coronation: 2003/09/20 in Rising Waters
Stepped down: 2004/04/24 in Caldrithig
*King Berus II and Queen Marion II
Crown: 2003/10/25 in Vest Yorvik
Coronation: 2004/04/24 in Caldrithig
Stepped down: 2004/09/18 in Ramshaven
*King Malik and Queen Genevieve Chastellain
Crown: 2004/05/15 in Trinovantia Nova
Coronation: 2004/09/18 in Ramshaven
Stepped down: 2005/04/23 in Greyfells
*King Edouard III and Queen Genevieve II
Crown: 2004/10/23 in Westbelleford
Coronation: 2005/04/23 in Greyfells
Stepped down: 2005/09/24 in Rising Waters
*King Edward I and Queen Rylyn I
Crown: 2005/05/28 in Caer Draeth
Coronation: 2005/09/24 in Rising Waters
Stepped down: 2006/04/22 in Ben Dunfirth
*King Aaron II and Queen Rustique II
Crown: 2005/10/15 in Ramshaven
Coronation: 2006/04/22 in Ben Dunfirth
Stepped down: 2006/09/23 in March of St. Martin
King Roak III and Queen Jocea I
Crown: 2006/05/27 in Caer Draeth
Coronation: 2006/09/23 in March of St. Martin
Stepped down: 2007/04/28
*King Edouard IV and Queen Domhnaill I
Crown: 2006/10/28 in Rising Waters
Coronation: 2007/04/28
Stepped down: 2007/09/22 in Skraeling Althing
King Trumbrand I and Queen Kaylah I
Crown: 2007/05/26
Coronation: 2007/09/22 in Skraeling Althing
Stepped down: 2008/04/26 in Rising Waters
King Aaron III and Queen Rustique III
Crown: 2007/10/27 in Brennisteinn Vatn
Coronation: 2008/04/26 in Rising Waters
Stepped down: 2008/09/20 in March of St. Martin
*King Etain I and Queen Valfreya I
Crown: 2008/05/24 in Ramshaven
Coronation: 2008/09/20 in March of St. Martin
Stepped down: ????/??/??
*King Roak IV and Queen Jocea II
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: ????/??/??
Stepped down: 2009/09/??
*King Nigel I and Queen Adrielle I
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2009/09/??
Stepped down: 2010/04/24
*King Quilliam I and Queen Dagmar I
Crown: 2009/10/??
Coronation: 2010/04/24
Stepped down: 2010/09/25
*King Etain II and Queen Valfreya II
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2010/09/25
Stepped down: 2011/04/30
*King Aaron IV and Queen Rustique IV
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2011/04/30
Stepped down: 2011/09/24 in Rising Waters
*King Quilliam II and Queen Dagmar II
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2011/09/24 in Rising Waters
Stepped down: 2012/04/28
*King Edward II and Queen Rylyn II
Crown: 2011/10/22 in Bryniau Tywynnog
Coronation: 2012/04/28
Stepped down: 2012/09/22 in Brennestein Vatn
King Roak V and Queen Elizabeth
Crown: 2012/05/26 in Caer Draeth
Coronation: 2012/09/22 in Brennestein Vatn
Stepped down: 2013/04/27 in Bryniau Tywynnog
*King Trumbrand II and Queen Kaylah II
Crown: 2012/10/27 in Rising Waters
Coronation: 2013/04/27 in Bryniau Tywynnog
Stepped down: 2013/09/28 in Harrowgate Heath
*King Nigel II and Queen Adrielle II
Crown: 2013/05/18 in Ben Dunfirth
Coronation: 2013/09/28 in Harrowgate Heath
Stepped down: 2014/04/26 in Rising Waters
*King Siegfried and Queen Ragni
Crown: 2013/10/26 in March of St. Martin
Coronation: 2014/04/26 in Rising Waters
Stepped down: 2014/09/27 in Vest Yorvik
*King Trumbrand III and Queen Kaylah III
Crown: 2014/05/24 in Der Welfengau
Coronation: 2014/09/27 in Vest Yorvik
Stepped down: 2015/04/25 in Bastille du Lac
*King Steinarr and Queen Liğr
Crown: 2014/10/25 in Caldrithig
Coronation: 2015/04/25 in Bastille du Lac
Stepped down: 2015/09/19 in Ben Dunfirth
*King Quilliam III and Queen Domhnaill II
Crown: 2015/05/23 in Rising Waters
Coronation: 2015/09/19 in Ben Dunfirth
Nigel MacFarlane and Adrielle Kerrec
Crown: 2015/10/17 in Caer Draeth

Here ends the line of the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

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