Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Line of the Principality of Gleann Abhann

The line of the Principality of Gleann Abhann comes from the line of the Kingdom of Meridies, birthed by King Gareth III and Queen Sabine I.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

Prince Eric I and Princess Rhondalyn
Coronet: 1998/11/07 in Grey Niche
Investiture: 1999/02/06 in Trollfen
Stepped down: 1999/08/07 in Grey Niche

*Prince K'aus and Princess Susanna
Coronet: 1999/05/15 in Small Grey Bear
Investiture: 1999/08/07 in Grey Niche
Stepped down: 2000/02/05
*Prince Eric II and Princess Christine
Coronet: 1999/11/06 in Loch Bas
Investiture: 2000/02/05
Stepped down: 2000/07/29 in Wyrmgeist
*Prince Michael and Princess Brenna
Coronet: 2000/05/20 in Seleone
Investiture: 2000/07/29 in Wyrmgeist
Stepped down: 2001/02/03 in Loch Bais/Vogelsburg
*Prince Stephen I and Princess Jacqueline I
Coronet: 2000/11/04 in Iron Ox
Investiture: 2001/02/03 in Loch Bais/Vogelsburg
Stepped down: 2001/05/19 in Hammerhold
*Prince William I and Princess Rainillt
Coronet: 2001/05/19 in Hammerhold
Investiture: 2001/05/19 in Hammerhold
Stepped down: 2001/11/03 in Wyrmgeist
*Prince Connor and Princess Gabriele
Coronet: 2001/07/29 in Vogelsburg
Investiture: 2001/11/03 in Wyrmgeist
Stepped down: 2002/05/18 in Seleone
*Prince Rey and Princess Miriel
Coronet: 2002/01/26 in Small Grey Bear/Beinntheinne
Investiture: 2002/05/18 in Seleone
Stepped down: 2002/11/02 in Wyrmgeist
*Prince Caillin and Princess Danielle
Coronet: 2002/07/27 in Vogelburg
Investiture: 2002/11/02 in Wyrmgeist
Stepped down: 2003/05/17
*Prince Uther and Princess Kenna
Coronet: 2003/01/25 in Lagerdamm
Investiture: 2003/05/17
Stepped down: 2003/11/01 in Wyrmgeist
Prince Radu and Princess Broinnfinn
Coronet: 2003/11/01 in Wyrmgeist
Investiture: 2004/05/15 in Iron Mountain
Stepped down: Glea/nn/ A in Principality
*Prince Elesar and Princess Marion
Coronet: 2004/01/24 in Iron Ox
Investiture: 2004/05/15 in Iron Mountain
Stepped down: 2004/10/02 in Iron Ox
*Prince William II and Princess Onora
Coronet: 2004/07/31 in Dragouns Weal
Investiture: 2004/10/02 in Iron Ox
Stepped down: ????/??/??
*Prince Stephen II and Princess Jacqueline II
Coronet: 2004/11/06
Investiture: ????/??/??
Stepped down: 2005/11/05

Here ends the line of the Principality of Gleann Abhann. Its heritage continues with the line of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

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