Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Line of the Principality of Oertha

The line of the Principality of Oertha comes from the line of the Kingdom of the West, birthed by King Radnor V and Queen GrÆn.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

Prince Kylson I and Princess Anne I
Coronet: 1985/01/19 in Eskalya
Investiture: 1985/01/20 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 1985/07/14 in Winter's Gate

Prince Donnan I and Princess Kareina
Coronet: 1985/07/13 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 1985/07/14 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 1986/01/19 in Earngyld
Prince Eric and Princess Erlyn
Coronet: 1986/01/18 in Earngyld
Investiture: 1986/01/19 in Earngyld
Stepped down: 1986/07/20 in Selviergard
Prince Kylson II and Princess Anne II
Coronet: 1986/07/19 in Selviergard
Investiture: 1986/07/20 in Selviergard
Stepped down: 1987/01/17 in Winter's Gate
Prince Brendan I and Princess Aryana I
Coronet: 1987/01/16 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 1987/01/17 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 1987/07/26 in Earngyld
Prince Nikolai and Princess Annora
Coronet: 1987/07/25 in Earngyld
Investiture: 1987/07/26 in Earngyld
Stepped down: 1988/01/24 in Eskalya
Prince Brendan II and Princess Aryana II
Coronet: 1988/01/23 in Eskalya
Investiture: 1988/01/24 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 1988/07/16 in Winter's Gate
Prince Kylson III and Princess Anne III
Coronet: 1988/07/15 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 1988/07/16 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 1989/01/21 in Earngyld
Prince Phelan I and Princess Vanora I
Coronet: 1989/01/20 in Earngyld
Investiture: 1989/01/21 in Earngyld
Stepped down: 1989/07/22 in Eskalya
Prince Brendan III and Princess Aryana III
Coronet: 1989/07/21 in Eskalya
Investiture: 1989/07/22 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 1990/01/20 in Winter's Gate
Prince Georg I and Princess Katarzina I
Coronet: 1990/01/19 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 1990/01/20 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 1990/07/22 in Earngyld
Prince Phelan II and Princess Vanora II
Coronet: 1990/07/21 in Earngyld
Investiture: 1990/07/22 in Earngyld
Stepped down: 1991/01/26 in Eskalya
Prince Georg II and Princess Katarzina II
Coronet: 1991/01/25 in Eskalya
Investiture: 1991/01/26 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 1991/07/21 in Winter's Gate
Prince Donnan II and Princess Callista
Coronet: 1991/07/20 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 1991/07/21 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 1992/01/19 in Earngyld
Prince Brendan IV and Princess Aryana IV
Coronet: 1992/01/18 in Earngyld
Investiture: 1992/01/19 in Earngyld
Stepped down: 1992/07/26 in Eskalya
Prince Nicholaus I and Princess Alyssia I
Coronet: 1992/07/25 in Eskalya
Investiture: 1992/07/26 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 1993/01/24 in Winter's Gate
Prince Morbran I and Princess Margarita I
Coronet: 1993/01/23 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 1993/01/24 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 1993/07/24 in Earngyld
Prince Georg III and Princess Katarzina III
Coronet: 1993/07/23 in Earngyld
Investiture: 1993/07/24 in Earngyld
Stepped down: 1994/01/14 in Eskalya
Prince Morbran II and Princess Margarita II
Coronet: 1994/01/13 in Eskalya
Investiture: 1994/01/14 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 1994/07/24 in Winter's Gate
Prince Georg IV and Princess Katarzina IV
Coronet: 1994/07/23 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 1994/07/24 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 1995/01/22 in Earngyld
Prince Kylson IV and Princess Anne IV
Coronet: 1995/01/21 in Earngyld
Investiture: 1995/01/22 in Earngyld
Stepped down: 1995/07/22 in Eskalya
Prince Gregor I and Princess Alicianne I
Coronet: 1995/07/21 in Eskalya
Investiture: 1995/07/22 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 1996/01/20 in Winter's Gate
Prince Morbran III and Princess Margarita III
Coronet: 1996/01/19 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 1996/01/20 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 1996/07/21 in Earngyld
Prince Gregor II and Princess Alicianne II
Coronet: 1996/07/20 in Earngyld
Investiture: 1996/07/21 in Earngyld
Stepped down: 1997/01/19 in Eskalya
Princess Viresse and Prince Astrin
Coronet: 1997/01/18 in Eskalya
Investiture: 1997/01/19 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 1997/07/20 in Winter's Gate
Prince Nicholaus II and Princess Alyssia II
Coronet: 1997/07/19 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 1997/07/20 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 1998/01/18 in Selveirgard
Prince Georg V and Princess Katarzina V
Coronet: 1998/01/17 in Selveirgard
Investiture: 1998/01/18 in Selveirgard
Stepped down: 1998/07/19 in Eskalya
*Princess Richenza I and Prince Joseph
Coronet: 1998/07/18 in Eskalya
Investiture: 1998/07/19 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 1999/01/17 in Grey Cliffs
*Prince Georg VI and Princess Katarzina VI
Coronet: 1999/01/16 in Grey Cliffs
Investiture: 1999/01/17 in Grey Cliffs
Stepped down: 1999/07/18 in Selveirgard
Prince Nicholaus III and Princess Alyssia III
Coronet: 1999/07/17 in Selveirgard
Investiture: 1999/07/18 in Selveirgard
Stepped down: 2000/01/16 in Selveirgard
Prince Alfonso and Princess Cedrin
Coronet: 2000/01/15 in Selveirgard
Investiture: 2000/01/16 in Selveirgard
Stepped down: 2000/07/16 in Winter's Gate
Prince Magnus I and Princess Esperanza I
Coronet: 2000/07/15 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 2000/07/16 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 2001/01/21 in Eskalya
*Prince Kylson V and Princess Sorcha
Coronet: 2001/01/20 in Eskalya
Investiture: 2001/01/21 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 2001/07/21 in Selveirgard
*Prince Magnus II and Princess Esperanza II
Coronet: 2001/07/21 in Selveirgard
Investiture: 2001/07/22 in Selveirgard
Stepped down: 2002/01/20 in Selveirgard
*Prince Patrick and Princess Katla
Coronet: 2002/01/19 in Selveirgard
Investiture: 2002/01/20 in Selveirgard
Stepped down: 2002/07/21 in Selveirgard
*Prince Fergus I and Princess Margarita IV
Coronet: 2002/07/20 in Selveirgard
Investiture: 2002/07/21 in Selveirgard
Stepped down: 2003/01/19 in Inbhir na Da Abhann
Prince Magnus III and Princess Esperanza III
Coronet: 2003/01/18 in Inbhir na Da Abhann
Investiture: 2003/01/19 in Inbhir na Da Abhann
Stepped down: 2003/07/20 in Winter's Gate
*Princess Richenza II and Prince Dietrich
Coronet: 2003/07/19 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 2003/07/20 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 2004/01/18 in Eskalya
*Prince Cyrus I and Princess Amber
Coronet: 2004/01/17 in Eskalya
Investiture: 2004/01/18 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 2004/07/18 in Ravensfjord
Prince Fergus II and Princess Margarita V
Coronet: 2004/07/17 in Ravensfjord
Investiture: 2004/07/18 in Ravensfjord
Stepped down: 2005/01/16 in Selviergard
*Prince Buliwyf and Princess Svana
Coronet: 2005/01/15 in Selviergard
Investiture: 2005/01/16 in Selviergard
Stepped down: 2005/07/17 in Eskalya
Prince Dietrich JÆrgen I and Princess Rosaline
Coronet: 2006/01/14 in Winter's Gate
Investiture: 2006/01/15 in Winter's Gate
Stepped down: 2006/07/16 in Eskalya
*Prince Fergus III and Princess Margarita VI
Coronet: 2006/07/15 in Eskalya
Investiture: 2006/07/16 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 2007/01/14 in Eskalya
*Prince Cyrus II and Princess CaitrÆona
Coronet: 2007/01/13 in Eskalya
Investiture: 2007/01/14 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 2007/07/22 in Hrafnafjordr
*Prince Dietrich JÆrgen II and Princess Bianca
Coronet: 2007/07/21 in Hrafnafjordr
Investiture: 2007/07/22 in Hrafnafjordr
Stepped down: 2008/01/20 in Selviergard
*Prince Cyrus III and Princess Gwyneth
Coronet: 2008/01/19 in Selviergard
Investiture: 2008/01/20 in Selviergard
Stepped down: 2008/07/20 in Eskalya
*Prince Karl and Princess Ælise
Coronet: 2008/07/19 in Eskalya
Investiture: 2008/07/20 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 2009/01/18 in Eskalya
*Prince Fathir and Princess Étaín
Coronet: 2009/01/17 in Eskalya
Investiture: 2009/01/18 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 2009/08/16 in Eskalya
Prince Georg VII and Princess Katarzina VII
Coronet: 2009/08/14 in Eskalya
Investiture: 2009/08/16 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 2010/01/17 in Eskalya
*Prince Kennric I and Princess Rolynnda
Coronet: 2010/01/16 in Eskalya
Investiture: 2010/01/17 in Eskalya
Stepped down: 2010/07/18
Prince Magnus V and Princess Esperanza V
Coronet: 2010/07/17
Investiture: 2010/07/18
Stepped down: 2011/01/16
Prince Kennric II and Princess Dagmar I
Coronet: 2011/01/15
Investiture: 2011/01/16
Stepped down: 2011/07/17
Prince Rurik I and Princess Trava I
Coronet: 2011/07/16
Investiture: 2011/07/17
Stepped down: 2012/01/22
Prince Taran and Princess Helen
Coronet: 2012/01/21
Investiture: 2012/01/22
Stepped down: 2012/07/22
Prince Rurik II and Princess Trava II
Coronet: 2012/07/21
Investiture: 2012/07/22
Stepped down: 2013/01/20
Prince Kenric III and Princess Katerina
Coronet: 2013/01/19
Investiture: 2013/01/20
Stepped down: 2013/07/21
Prince Nathan and Princess Lilla
Coronet: 2013/07/20
Investiture: 2013/07/21
Stepped down: 2014/01/19
Prince Kenric IV and Princess Dagmar II
Coronet: 2014/01/18
Investiture: 2014/01/19
Stepped down: 2014/07/20
Prince Gregor III and Princess Isabella
Coronet: 2014/07/19
Investiture: 2014/07/20
Stepped down: 2015/01/18
Prince Shawn I and Princess Arabella I
Coronet: 2015/01/17
Investiture: 2015/01/18
Stepped down: 2015/07/19
Prince Duncan and Princess Violet
Coronet: 2015/07/18
Investiture: 2015/07/19
Stepped down: 2016/01/16
*Prince Shawn II and Princess Arabella II
Coronet: 2016/01/16
Investiture: 2016/01/16

Here ends the line of the Principality of Oertha.

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