Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Line of the Principality of Trimaris

The line of the Principality of Trimaris comes from the line of the Kingdom of Meridies, birthed by King John III and Queen Heather II.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

Prince Verron and Princess Wulfa
Coronet: 1982/01/16 in Keystone (Wyvernwood)
Investiture: 1982/03/06 in An Crosaire/Sea March/Sangre del Sol
Stepped down: 1982/09/04

Prince Guthrum and Princess Ursula
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 1982/09/04
Stepped down: 1983/02/26
Prince Tetsuo and Princess Kimineko
Coronet: 1982/11/13
Investiture: 1983/02/26
Stepped down: 1983/09/03
Prince Aaron and Princess Linnea
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 1983/09/03
Stepped down: 1984/03/03
Prince Bronislaus and Princess Agrippina
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 1984/03/03
Stepped down: 1984/09/01
Prince Baldar and Princess Ljudmilla
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 1984/09/01
Stepped down: 1985/03/02
Prince Seosaidh and Princess Elitha
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 1985/03/02
Stepped down: 1985/08/30

Here ends the line of the Principality of Trimaris. Its heritage continues with the line of the Kingdom of Trimaris.

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