Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Line of the Principality of the Outlands

The line of the Principality of the Outlands comes from the line of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, birthed by King Deaton II and Queen Care-Cheri II.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

Prince Gunwaldt I and Princess Aislinn
Coronet: 1977/05/29
Investiture: 1977/05/29
Stepped down: 1977/12/17 in al-Barran

Prince Heinrich I and Princess Lorene
Coronet: 1977/10/23 in Caerthe
Investiture: 1977/12/17 in al-Barran
Stepped down: 1978/07/08 in Lonely Mountain
Prince Wilhelm and Princess Megan
Coronet: 1978/05/28 in al-Barran
Investiture: 1978/07/08 in Lonely Mountain
Stepped down: 1978/12/30
Prince Heinrich II and Princess Irminsul I
Coronet: 1978/10/14 in Dragonsspine
Investiture: 1978/12/30
Stepped down: 1979/06/30 in Caerthe
Prince Robin and Princess Beau I
Coronet: 1979/05/27 in al-Barran
Investiture: 1979/06/30 in Caerthe
Stepped down: 1980/01/19 in al-Barran
Prince Ronald and Princess Andreah I
Coronet: 1979/12/02 in Great River
Investiture: 1980/01/19 in al-Barran
Stepped down: 1980/07/05 in al-Barran
Prince Gunwaldt II and Princess ÆlflÆd
Coronet: 1980/05/25 in al-Barran
Investiture: 1980/07/05 in al-Barran
Stepped down: 1981/01/17 in Loch Salann
Prince Kveldulf and Princess Katlin
Coronet: 1980/11/23 in Loch Salann
Investiture: 1981/01/17 in Loch Salann
Stepped down: 1981/07/05
Prince Stefan and Princess Beau II
Coronet: 1981/05/24 in al-Barran
Investiture: 1981/07/05
Stepped down: 1982/01/23 in Loch Salann
Prince Robert and Princess Leah
Coronet: 1981/11/22 in Caerthe
Investiture: 1982/01/23 in Loch Salann
Stepped down: 1982/07/25
Prince William and Princess Caryn
Coronet: 1982/06/27 in Otherhill
Investiture: 1982/07/25
Stepped down: 1983/01/15 in al-Barran
Prince Montegar and Princess Irminsul
Coronet: 1982/11/21 in Great River
Investiture: 1983/01/15 in al-Barran
Stepped down: 1983/08/20 in Avalonia, near al-Barran
Prince Eldr and Princess Angelica
Coronet: 1983/06/12
Investiture: 1983/08/20 in Avalonia, near al-Barran
Stepped down: 1984/01/21 in Dragonsspine
Prince Michael I and Princess Keridwen I
Coronet: 1983/11/19 in Great River
Investiture: 1984/01/21 in Dragonsspine
Stepped down: 1984/03/11
Prince Ælfgar and Princess Bronwyn
Coronet: 1984/04/28 in Caerthe
Investiture: 1984/04/28 in Caerthe
Stepped down: 1984/11/17 in Anlieplic Dun
Prince Michael II and Princess Keridwen II
Coronet: 1984/09/16 in al-Barran
Investiture: 1984/11/17 in Anlieplic Dun
Stepped down: 1985/05/04 in White Mountain
Prince Berold and Princess Allocen
Coronet: 1985/03/17 in Citadel of the Southern Pass
Investiture: 1985/05/04 in White Mountain
Stepped down: 1985/12/14 in al-Barran
Prince Johann and Princess Andreah II
Coronet: 1985/10/20 in Uns Haven
Investiture: 1985/12/14 in al-Barran
Stepped down: 1986/06/14 in Caerthe

Here ends the line of the Principality of the Outlands. Its heritage continues with the line of the Kingdom of the Outlands.

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