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The Line of the Principality of the Summits

The line of the Principality of the Summits comes from the line of the Kingdom of An Tir, birthed by King Thorin V and Queen Sineidin.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

Prince Lawrence and Princess Miriam
Coronet: 1996/03/30 in Adiantum
Investiture: 1996/03/31 in Adiantum
Stepped down: 1996/12/14

Prince William I and Princess Mary I
Coronet: 1996/09/?? in Caversgate
Investiture: 1996/12/14
Stepped down: 1997/06/07
Prince Ambrose I and Princess Marian I
Coronet: 1997/03/?? in Glyn Dwfn
Investiture: 1997/06/07
Stepped down: 1997/12/06
*Prince William II and Princess Mary II
Coronet: 1997/09/27 in Adiantum
Investiture: 1997/12/06
Stepped down: 1998/01/27
Prince Dublin and Princess Katherine
Coronet: 1998/03/21 in Glyn Dwfn
Investiture: 1998/03/21 in Glyn Dwfn
Stepped down: 1998/12/19 in Glyn Dwfn
*Prince James and Princess Estefania
Coronet: 1998/09/?? in Caversgate
Investiture: 1998/12/19 in Glyn Dwfn
Stepped down: 1999/06/19 in Corvaria
Prince William Geoffrey I and Princess Melyssande
Coronet: 1999/03/20 in Nordholt/Adiantum
Investiture: 1999/06/19 in Corvaria
Stepped down: 1999/12/11 in Briaroak
Prince Ambrose II and Princess Marian II
Coronet: 1999/09/18 in Glyn Dwfn
Investiture: 1999/12/11 in Briaroak
Stepped down: 2000/06/24 in Corvaria
*Prince Durin I and Princess Ceridwen I
Coronet: 2000/03/18 in Caversgate
Investiture: 2000/06/24 in Corvaria
Stepped down: 2000/12/09 in Southmarche
Prince Angus I and Princess Duana I
Coronet: 2000/09/23 in Glyn Dwfn
Investiture: 2000/12/09 in Southmarche
*Prince Bane and Princess Meagan
Coronet: 2001/03/17 in Nordholt
Investiture: 2001/06/23 in Briaroak
Stepped down: 2001/12/22
Prince Durin II and Princess Ceridwen II
Coronet: 2001/09/22 in Corvaria
Investiture: 2001/11/22
Stepped down: 2002/06/22 in Couer du Val
*Prince Angus II and Princess Duana II
Coronet: 2002/03/23 in Caversgate
Investiture: 2002/06/22 in Coeur du Val
Stepped down: 2002/12/07 in Nordholt
Prince Durin III and Princess Ceridwen III
Coronet: 2002/09/21 in Southmarch
Investiture: 2002/12/07 in Nordholt
Stepped down: 2003/06/21 in Couer du Val
*Prince William Geoffrey II and Princess Nadezhda I
Coronet: 2003/06/21 in Couer du Val
Investiture: 2003/06/21 in Couer du Val
Stepped down: 2003/12/13 in Dun an Chalaidh
*Prince Angus III and Princess Duana III
Coronet: 2003/09/20 in Corvaria
Investiture: 2003/12/13 in Dun an Chalaidh
Stepped down: 2004/06/19 in Myrtle Holt
*Prince Berek I and Princess Liesel I
Coronet: 2004/04/20 in Glyn Dwfn
Investiture: 2004/06/19 in Myrtle Holt
Stepped down: 2004/12/04
Prince KaĆall and Princess Nadezhda II
Coronet: 2004/09/25
Investiture: 2004/12/04
Stepped down: 2005/06/18
Prince Berek II and Princess Liesel II
Coronet: 2005/03/19
Investiture: 2005/06/18
Stepped down: 2005/12/10 in Couer du Val
Prince Beringar and Princess Mathilde
Coronet: 2005/09/17 in Briaroak
Investiture: 2005/12/10 in Couer du Val
Stepped down: 2006/06/17
*Prince Tjorkill and Princess Sylva
Coronet: 2006/??/??
Investiture: 2006/06/17
Stepped down: 2006/12/09 in Myrtle Holt
*Prince Gabriel I and Princess Avin'
Coronet: 2006/09/16 in Glyn Dwfn
Investiture: 2006/12/09 in Myrtle Holt
Stepped down: 2007/06/16 in Southmarch
Prince William Geoffrey III and Princess Stephanie
Coronet: 2007/03/17 in Nordholt
Investiture: 2007/06/16 in Southmarch
Stepped down: 2007/12/08 in Adiantum
Prince Berek III and Princess Liesel III
Coronet: 2007/09/15 in Terra Pomaria
Investiture: 2007/12/08 in Adiantum
Stepped down: 2008/06/21 in Coeur du Val
Prince Gustav and Princess Sofia
Coronet: 2008/03/15 in Briaroak
Investiture: 2008/06/21 in Coeur du Val
Stepped down: 2009/12/13 in Tymberhavene
*Prince Brian I and Princess Acacia I
Coronet: 2008/09/20 in Corvaria
Investiture: 2008/12/13 in Tymberhavene
Stepped down: 2009/06/20 in Myrtleholt
Prince Brogan and Princess Johanna
Coronet: 2009/03/21 in Southmarch
Investiture: 2009/06/20 in Myrtleholt
Stepped down: 2009/12/12 in Glyn Dwfn
*Prince Rustam and Princess Suvia
Coronet: 2009/09/19 in Tymberhavene
Investiture: 2009/12/12 in Glyn Dwfn
Stepped down: 2010/06/19
Prince Gabriel II and Princess Sumayya
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2010/06/19
Stepped down: 2010/12/11
Prince Durin IV and Princess Ceridwen IV
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2010/12/11
Stepped down: 2011/06/19
Prince Brian II and Princess Acacia II
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2011/06/19
Stepped down: 2011/12/10
Prince Laurs and Princess Ćtta
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2011/12/10
Stepped down: 2012/06/16
Prince Aaron I and Princess Telisia
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2012/06/16
Stepped down: 2012/12/08
Prince Luciano and Princess Elizabeth
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2012/12/08
Stepped down: 2013/06/22
Prince Keith and Princess Ekaterina
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2013/06/22
Stepped down: 2013/12/14
Prince Aaron II and Princess Jennet
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2013/12/14
Stepped down: 2014/06/21
Prince Diego and Princess Taraneh
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2014/06/21
Stepped down: 2014/12/13
Prince William Geoffrey IV and Princess Diana
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2014/12/13
Stepped down: 2015/06/20
Prince Tryggr and Princess Temperance
Coronet: 2015/05/16 in Hauksgarđr and Dragon's Mist
Investiture: 2015/06/20
Stepped down: ????/??/??
*Prince Ziitos and Princess Vesta
Coronet: 2015/??/??
Investiture: ????/??/??

Here ends the line of the Principality of the Summits.

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