Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Reign of Caradoc and Amie, 11th Crown of the West

King Caradoc (Caradoc ap Cawdor)
Queen Amie (Amie of Exeter)
Crown: 1968/09/22 in Airplane Field, Tilden Park
Coronation: 1969/01/04 in Mills College Student Union, Oakland, CA
Stepped down: 1969/05/17 in Almond Knoll Ranch, Oakdale, CA

NOTE: At Grand Curia in April of Caradoc and Amie's reign, the West Kingdom decided to alternate Crowns and Coronations. From then on, Western events were set for late March, beginning of May, middle of June, early August and mid-September (although for a few years the September event was moved to October because of the Renaissance Faire).


King Henrik III and Queen Leanne II of the West


King Siegfried II and Queen Sumer of the West

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