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The Reign of Dafydd and Lyn II, 27th Crown of Atenveldt

King Dafydd (Dafydd ap Gwynnedd)
Queen Lyn II (Lyn of Whitewolf)
Crown: 1982/10/03 in Tir Ysgithr
Coronation: 1982/12/04 in Barony of Atenveldt
Stepped down: 1983/06/04 in Ered Sul

NOTE: Some chronicles state that they were removed by the Board of Directors and that there was a Regency period from May 6-7, served by one or both of Einrich Amrpittsbane and Johann von Hohen-Staffen. However, Duchess Lyn herself emailed to clarify that this is not the case. She wrote: "Friday afternoon, June 3, 1983, I received a phone call from Aelfled, the SCA Seneschal stating that the BOD had been served with a lawsuit *if* Dafydd and I were allowed to step down with our titles. They opted to suspend us pending investigation. Since we had heirs that were ascending the thrones the following day, and since in Atenveldt, the King crowns himself, it was not necessary to install a regent. The following morning just prior to court, we walked arm in arm to the thrones and placed the crowns of Atenveldt in them. Christopher and Constance then stepped up. During the next BOD meeting, it was determined that they could find no guilt of anything worthy of the charges against us. It was determined that we would receive our titles. The perpetrator of the lawsuit...was an attorney in the State of Arizona. He was told by the state bar that if he persued the suit, he would face punitive action by the bar. He dropped the suit, which was later refiled by [someone else]. He later lost that suit." Many thanks to Duchess Lyn for the additional information!


King Einrich II and Queen Myrby of Atenveldt


King Christopher and Queen Constance of Atenveldt

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