Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Reign of Stephen of Beckenham I and Sariya I, 64th Crown of the West

King Stephen of Beckenham I (Stephen of Beckenham)
Queen Sariya I (Sariya al Mus'ad, aka Sophie Xylander aus Augsberg)
Crown: 1986/08/23
Coronation: 1986/08/23
Stepped down: 1987/01/03

NOTE: Crown was originally held 21/6/86 and won by Radnor of Guildemar and his lady-wife, Isabeau. However, it was later discovered that Isabeau was not a member. Radnor would not choose another lady to be his Queen, and so a second tourney was fought on Coronation day, and was won by Stephen of Beckenham.


King Rolf II and Queen Lachlin II of the West


King William the Lucky III and Queen Joanne II of the West

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