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The Line of the Kingdom of Drachenwald

The line of the Kingdom of Drachenwald comes from the line of the Principality of Drachenwald, birthed by Prince Karl Helweg and Princess Leia.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

*King Elffin I and Queen Vanna I
Crown: 1993/03/06 in Polderslot
Coronation: 1993/06/05 in Fiathundrialand
Stepped down: 1994/01/01

*King Morgan and Queen Alienor I
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 1994/01/01
Stepped down: 1994/06/18
*King Wulfric and Queen Eira
Crown: 1994/03/26 in UmÆ
Coronation: 1994/06/18
Stepped down: 1994/12/07 in Holmgard
King Timoch and Queen Adelicia
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 1994/12/07 in Holmgard
Stepped down: 1995/07/01
King Michael and Queen Melusine I
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 1995/07/01
Stepped down: 1996/01/06
King Garick and Queen Talitha
Crown: 1995/10/14
Coronation: 1996/01/06
Stepped down: 1996/06/28
*King Edouard and Queen Eanor
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 1996/06/28
Stepped down: 1997/01/04 in Polderslot
*King Elffin II and Queen Vanna II
Crown: 1996/10/13 in Fiathundrialand
Coronation: 1997/01/04 in Polderslot
Stepped down: 1997/06/28 in Drei Eichen
*King Jurgan and Queen Lilliard
Crown: 1997/03/15 in Flintheath
Coronation: 1997/06/28 in Drei Eichen
Stepped down: 1998/01/03 in Flintheath and Pont Alarch
Here branches off the line of the Principality of Nordmark
*King Matthew I and Queen Anna I
Crown: 1997/10/12 in Fiathundraland
Coronation: 1998/01/03 in Flintheath and Pont Alarch
Stepped down: 1998/06/21 in Turmstadt/Nebelwald
*King Sven I and Queen Thora I
Crown: 1998/03/21 in Gotvik
Coronation: 1998/06/21 in Turmstadt/Nebelwald
Stepped down: 1999/01/09 in AarnimetsÆ
*King Prothal I and Queen Cecilia I
Crown: 1998/10/10 in Flintheath and Pont Alarch
Coronation: 1999/01/09 in AarnimetsÆ
Stepped down: 1999/06/19 in Flintheath/Thames Reach
King Matthew II and Queen Anna II
Crown: 1999/03/20 in Drei Eichen
Coronation: 1999/06/19 in Flintheath/Thames Reach
Stepped down: 2000/01/08 in Isengau
King Elffin III and Queen Alessandra
Crown: 1999/10/09 in Attemark/Baggeholm
Coronation: 2000/01/08 in Isengau
Stepped down: 2000/06/24 in Skellitta
*King Prothal II and Queen Cecilia II
Crown: 2000/03/18 in Thamesreach
Coronation: 2000/06/24 in Skellitta
Stepped down: 2001/01/06 in Lough Devnaree
King Peregrine and Queen Melusine II
Crown: 2000/10/21 in Meadowmash
Coronation: 2001/01/06 in Lough Devnaree
Stepped down: 2001/06/30 in Polderslot
*King Elffin IV and Queen Signy I
Crown: 2001/03/17 in AarnimetsÆ
Coronation: 2001/06/30 in Polderslot
Stepped down: 2002/01/05 in Mynydd Gwyn
*King Gerhardt I and Queen Aurelia
Crown: 2001/10/13 in Pont Alarch
Coronation: 2002/01/05 in Mynydd Gwyn
Stepped down: 2002/06/22 in Pont Alarch
*King Giles and Queen EzaBella
Crown: 2002/03/16
Coronation: 2002/06/22 in Pont Alarch
Stepped down: 2003/01/04 in Campofiamme
King Matthew III and Queen Alienor II
Crown: 2002/10/19 in Aros
Coronation: 2003/01/04 in Campofiamme
Stepped down: 2003/06/21 in Drei Eichen
King Marcus I and Queen Anna von Unwald
Crown: 2003/03/08 in West Dragonshire
Coronation: 2003/06/21 in Drei Eichen
Stepped down: 2004/01/03
King Elffin V and Queen Signy II
Crown: 2003/10/18 in Polderslot
Coronation: 2004/01/03
Stepped down: 2004/06/20 in Two Seas
King John and Queen Honor
Crown: 2004/03/20 in Rewal
Coronation: 2004/06/20 in Two Seas
Stepped down: 2005/01/08 in AarnimetsÆ
King Padraig and Queen Elsa
Crown: 2004/10/16 in West Dragonshire
Coronation: 2005/01/08 in AarnimetsÆ
Stepped down: 2005/06/18 in West Dragonshire
King Cadogan and Queen Eufemia
Crown: 2005/03/19
Coronation: 2005/06/18 in West Dragonshire
Stepped down: 2006/01/07
King Sven II and Queen Thora II
Crown: 2005/10/08 in Holmrike
Coronation: 2006/01/07
Stepped down: 2006/06/24
*King Michael die Zauberzunge and Queen Moira
Crown: 2006/03/18
Coronation: 2006/06/24
Stepped down: 2007/01/06
King Maximilian and Queen Margerite
Crown: 2006/10/14 in Ad Flumen Caerulum
Coronation: 2007/01/06
Stepped down: 2007/06/09 in Baerenau
King Alaric and Queen Nerissa
Crown: 2007/04/14 in Juneborg
Coronation: 2007/06/09 in Baerenau
Stepped down: ????/??/??
*King Sven III and Queen Jovi
Crown: 2007/10/13 in Flintheath
Coronation: ????/??/??
Stepped down: 2008/06/28
King Thorald I and Queen Fiona I
Crown: 2008/04/12 in Turmstadt
Coronation: 2008/06/28
Stepped down: ????/??/??
*King Marcus II and Queen Cecilia Jaeger
Crown: 2008/10/18 in Poukka
Coronation: ????/??/??
Stepped down: 2009/06/20 in Holmrike
*King Gerhardt II and Queen Judith
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2009/06/20 in Holmrike
Stepped down: 2010/01/09 in Flintheath
King Thorvaldr II and Queen Fiona II
Crown: 2009/10/10
Coronation: 2010/01/09 in Flintheath
Stepped down: 2010/06/19
Here branches off the line of the Principality of Insulae Draconis
King UlfR and Queen Caoimhe
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2010/06/19
Stepped down: 2011/01/08
King Vitus I and Queen Eleanora
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2011/01/08
Stepped down: 2011/06/18 in Flintheath
King Lief I and Queen Morrigan I
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2011/06/18 in Flintheath
Stepped down: 2012/01/07 in Knight's Crossing
King Sven IV and Queen Siobhan I
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2012/01/07 in Knight's Crossing
Stepped down: 2012/06/16 in Poukka
King Paul and Queen Aryanhwy
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2012/06/16 in Poukka
Stepped down: 2013/01/05 in West Dragonshire
King Thorvaldr III and Queen Tofá
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2013/01/05 in West Dragonshire
Stepped down: 2013/06/20
King Sven V and Queen Siobhán II
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2013/06/20
Stepped down: 2014/01/04 in Attemark
King Prothall III and Queen Cecilia III
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2014/01/04 in Attemark
Stepped down: 2014/??/??
King Leif II and Queen Morrigan II
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2014/??/??
Stepped down: 2015/01/03
King Makarius and Queen Izabella
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2015/01/03
Stepped down: 2015/06/27
King Thorvaldr IV and Queen Tomoe
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2015/06/27
Stepped down: 2016/01/09 in Depene Under Wychwood
King Vitus II and Queen Isabel
Crown: 2015/10/10 in Polderslot
Coronation: 2016/01/09 in Depene Under Wychwood

Here ends the line of the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

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