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The Line of the Principality of Nordmark

The line of the Principality of Nordmark comes from the line of the Kingdom of Drachenwald, birthed by King Jurgan and Queen Lilliard.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

Prince Johann I and Princess Celemon
Coronet: 1997/05/31 in Uma
Investiture: 1997/05/31 in Uma
Stepped down: 1997/12/06 in Holmrike and Fiathundraland

*Prince Gilliam and Princess Blanka
Coronet: 1997/12/07 in Holmrike and Fiathundraland
Investiture: 1997/12/07 in Holmrike and Fiathundraland
Stepped down: 1998/06/06 in Attemark
Prince Hartmann and Princess Marie
Coronet: 1998/06/06 in Attemark
Investiture: 1998/06/06 in Attemark
Stepped down: 1998/12/05 in Styringheim
Prince Arngrim and Princess Elenore
Coronet: 1998/12/05 in Styringheim
Investiture: 1998/12/05 in Styringheim
Stepped down: 1999/06/05 in Gyllengran
*Prince Padraig I and Princess Elsa I
Coronet: 1999/06/05 in Gyllengran
Investiture: 1999/06/05 in Gyllengran
Stepped down: 1999/12/11 in Ulvberget
Prince Cormac I and Princess Elise
Coronet: 1999/12/11 in Ulvberget
Investiture: 1999/12/11 in Ulvberget
Stepped down: 2000/06/03 in Attemark
*Prince Fandral and Princess Vilde
Coronet: 2000/06/01 in Attemark
Investiture: 2000/06/03 in Attemark
Stepped down: 2000/12/09 in Styringheim
*Prince Padraig II and Princess Elsa II
Coronet: 2000/12/09 in Styringheim
Investiture: 2000/12/09 in Styringheim
Stepped down: 2001/05/24 in Attemark
Prince Brendan I and Princess Elise
Coronet: 2001/05/24 in Attemark
Investiture: 2001/05/24 in Attemark
Stepped down: 2001/12/15 in Holmrike
Prince Gabriel and Princess Eyba
Coronet: 2001/12/15 in Holmrike
Investiture: 2001/12/15 in Holmrike
Stepped down: 2002/06/15 in Juneborg
Prince Måns and Princess Fionnghuala
Coronet: 2002/06/15 in Juneborg
Investiture: 2002/06/15 in Juneborg
Stepped down: 2003/02/14 in Styringheim
Prince Brendan II and Princess Anna I
Coronet: 2003/02/14 in Styringheim
Investiture: 2003/02/14 in Styringheim
Stepped down: 2003/05/31 in Attemark
Prince Cormac II and Princess Unna
Coronet: 2003/05/31 in Attemark
Investiture: 2003/05/31 in Attemark
Stepped down: 2003/11/22 in Gyllengran
Prince Johann II and Princess Helvig
Coronet: 2003/11/22 in Gyllengran
Investiture: 2003/11/22 in Gyllengran
Stepped down: 2004/08/21 in Skellitta
Prince Bengt and Princess Ermingard
Coronet: 2004/08/21 in Skellitta
Investiture: 2004/08/21 in Skellitta
Stepped down: 2005/05/06 in Attemark
Prince William I and Princess Filippa I
Coronet: 2005/05/05 in Attemark
Investiture: 2005/05/06 in Attemark
Stepped down: 2006/03/04 in Gyllengran
Prince Brendan III and Princess Anna II
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2006/03/04 in Gyllengran
Stepped down: 2007/02/03 in Styringheim
Prince Björn and Princess Whilja
Coronet: 2007/02/02 in Styringheim
Investiture: 2007/02/02 in Styringheim
Stepped down: 2007/11/17 in Attemark
Prince Cormac III and Princess Yrla I
Coronet: 2007/11/17 in Attemark
Investiture: 2007/11/17 in Attemark
Stepped down: 2008/08/06 in Styringheim
Prince Rok and Princess Wilda
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2008/08/06 in Styringheim
Stepped down: 2009/05/20 in Attemark
Prince Franz and Princess Willhelmina
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2009/05/02 in Attemark
Stepped down: 2010/03/13 in Gyllengran
Prince Eirik I and Princess Filippa II
Coronet: 2010/03/13 in Gyllengran
Investiture: 2010/03/13 in Gyllengran
Stepped down: 2010/11/13 in Baggeholm
Prince Torbjörn and Princess Eira
Coronet: 2010/11/13 in Baggeholm
Investiture: 2010/11/13 in Baggeholm
Stepped down: 2011/07/17 in Frostheim
*Prince SvartulvR and Princess Elizabeth
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2011/07/17 in Frostheim
Stepped down: 2012/03/17 in Aros
Prince Brendan IV and Princess Niamh
Coronet: 2012/03/17 in Aros
Investiture: 2012/03/17 in Aros
Stepped down: 2012/12/15 in Aros
Prince Eirik II and Princess Jacquelyna
Coronet: 2012/12/15 in Aros
Investiture: 2012/12/15 in Aros
Stepped down: 2013/08/09 in Styringheim
Prince Cormac IV and Princess Yrla II
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2013/08/09 in Styringheim
Stepped down: 2014/05/25 in Attemark
Prince Sven and Princess Siobhán
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2014/05/25 in Attemark
Stepped down: 2015/03/07
Prince William II and Princess Isabetta
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: 2015/03/07
Stepped down: ????/??/??
Prince Ludvig and Princess Blenda
Coronet: ????/??/??
Investiture: ????/??/??

Here ends the line of the Principality of Nordmark.

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