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The Line of the Kingdom of Lochac

The line of the Kingdom of Lochac comes from the line of the Principality of Lochac, birthed by Prince Gawain and Princess Yve.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

*King Alfar I and Queen Elspeth
Crown: 2002/03/30 in Rowany
Coronation: 2002/07/06 in Politarchopolis
Stepped down: 2003/01/11 in Bordescros

King Cornelius I and Queen Morwynna I
Crown: 2002/11/02 in Innilgard
Coronation: 2003/01/11 in Bordescros
Stepped down: 2003/07/05 in Stowe on the Wowlde
*King Alaric and Queen Nerissa
Crown: 2003/05/10 in Arrowsreach
Coronation: 2003/07/05 in Stowe on the Wowlde
Stepped down: 2004/01/03 in Krae Glas
*King ∆dward I and Queen Yolande I
Crown: 2003/11/01 in Aneala
Coronation: 2004/01/03 in Krae Glas
Stepped down: 2004/07/04 in River Haven
*King Draco I and Queen Serena
Crown: 2004/05/08 in Politarchopolis
Coronation: 2004/07/04 in River Haven
Stepped down: 2005/01/08 in Arrowreach
*King Stephen and Queen Mathilde
Crown: 2004/11/06 in Ildhafn
Coronation: 2005/01/08 in Arrowreach
Stepped down: 2005/07/09 in Innilgard
*King Cornelius II and Queen Morwynna II
Crown: 2005/05/07 in St Florian-de-la-riviere
Coronation: 2005/07/09 in Innilgard
Stepped down: 2006/01/07 in Mordenvale
*King ∆dward II and Queen Yolande II
Crown: 2005/11/12 in Rowany
Coronation: 2006/01/07 in Mordenvale
Stepped down: 2006/07/08 in Cluain
*King Draco II and Queen Asa
Crown: 2006/05/10 in Bordercros
Coronation: 2006/07/08 in Cluain
Stepped down: 2007/01/07 in Rowany
*King Alfar II and Queen Gudrun
Crown: 2006/11/04 in Ynys Fawr
Coronation: 2007/01/07 in Rowany
Stepped down: 2007/07/07 in Southron Gaard
*King Hugh and Queen Therasa
Crown: 2007/05/12 in Politarchopolis
Coronation: 2007/07/07 in Southron Gaard
Stepped down: ????/??/??
*King Berengar and Queen Bethan
Crown: 2007/11/10 in Castellum Montanum
Coronation: ????/??/??
Stepped down: 2008/07/05 in Aneala
*King Siridean I and Queen Siobhan
Crown: 2008/05/10 in Darton
Coronation: 2008/07/05 in Aneala
Stepped down: 2009/01/10
*King Theuderic and Queen Engelin
Crown: 2008/11/08 in Innilgard
Coronation: 2009/01/10
Stepped down: 2009/07/04 in Stormhold
*King Gabriel I and Queen Constanzia I
Crown: 2009/05/02 in Darton
Coronation: 2009/07/04 in Stormhold
Stepped down: 2010/01/09 in Okewaite
*King Bran and Queen Lilya
Crown: 2009/11/14 in Southron Gaard
Coronation: 2010/01/09 in Okewaite
Stepped down: 2010/07/10
King Edmund and Queen Leonore
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2010/07/10
Stepped down: 2011/01/15
*King Gabriel II and Queen Constanzia II
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2010/01/15
Stepped down: 2011/07/02
*King Cornelius III and Queen Elizabeth
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2011/07/02
Stepped down: 2012/01/07
*King Siridean II and Queen Margie
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2012/01/07
Stepped down: 2012/07/07
*King Henri and Queen Beatrice
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2012/07/07
Stepped down: 2013/01/12
*King Felix and Queen Eva
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2013/01/12
Stepped down: 2013/07/06
*King Niall I and Queen Liadan I
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2013/07/06
Stepped down: 2014/01/11 in Okewaite
*King Alfar III and Queen Angharat
Crown: 2013/11/09 in Stormhold
Coronation: 2014/01/11 in Okewaite
Stepped down: 2014/07/05 in Politarchopolis
*King NiŠll II and Queen Liadan
Crown: 2014/05/10 in Aneala
Coronation: 2014/07/05 in Politarchopolis
Stepped down: 2015/01/10 in Stowe on the Wowld
*King Kinggiyadai and Queen Altani
Crown: 2014/11/01 in Torlyon
Coronation: 2015/01/10 in Stowe on the Wowld
Stepped down: 2015/07/04 in Cairn Fell
*King Steffan and Queen Branwen
Crown: 2015/05/02 in Ildhafn
Coronation: 2015/07/04 in Cairn Fell
Stepped down: 2016/01/16 in Southron Gaard
*King Gilbert and Queen Bethony
Crown: 2015/11/07 in Dismal Fogs
Coronation: 2016/01/16 in Southron Gaard

Here ends the line of the Kingdom of Lochac.

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