Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Line of the Principality of Lochac

The line of the Principality of Lochac comes from the line of the Kingdom of the West, birthed by King Jade I and Queen Anastacia I.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

Prince Reynardine I and Princess Eleanor
Coronet: 1987/04/18 in Rowany
Investiture: 1987/07/11 in Politarchopolis
Stepped down: 1988/01/02 in Stormhold

Prince Elffin I and Princess Talietha
Coronet: 1987/10/03 in Mordenvale
Investiture: 1988/01/02 in Stormhold
Stepped down: 1988/07/09 in Riverhaven
Prince Corin I and Princess Gabriella
Coronet: 1988/04/04 in Rowany
Investiture: 1988/07/09 in River Haven
Stepped down: 1989/01/07 in Llyn Arian
Prince Valerian and Princess Rowena
Coronet: 1988/10/07 in Cyradd Uchel
Investiture: 1989/01/07 in Llyn Arian
Stepped down: 1989/07/15 in Stormhold
*Prince Styvyn and Princess Rhyllian
Coronet: 1989/03/25 in Rowany
Investiture: 1989/07/15 in Stormhold
Stepped down: 1990/01/06 in Politarchopolis
Prince Elffin II and Princess Rowan I
Coronet: 1989/10/01 in Innilgard
Investiture: 1990/01/06 in Politarchopolis
Stepped down: 1990/06/10 in Ynys Fawr
*Prince Haos and Princess Bryony
Coronet: 1990/04/28 in Mordenvale
Investiture: 1990/06/10 in Ynys Fawr
Stepped down: 1991/01/06 in Innilgard
Prince Elffin III and Princess Keridwen I
Coronet: 1990/10/06 in River Haven
Investiture: 1991/01/06 in Innilgard
Stepped down: 1991/05/11 in Aneala
Prince Reynardine II and Princess Eibhleann
Coronet: 1991/01/17 in Innilgard
Investiture: 1991/05/11 in Aneala
Stepped down: 1991/08/31 in Llyn Arian
Prince Kane and Princess Rhianwen
Coronet: 1991/05/12 in Aneala
Investiture: 1991/08/31 in Llyn Arian
Stepped down: 1992/01/11 in Ynys Fawr
Prince Elffin IV and Princess Rowan II
Coronet: 1991/09/01 in Llyn Arian
Investiture: 1992/01/11 in Ynys Fawr
Stepped down: 1992/05/09 in Innilgard
Prince Gerald and Princess Alisaundre
Coronet: 1992/01/12 in Ynys Fawr
Investiture: 1992/05/09 in Innilgard
Stepped down: 1992/09/05 in Politarchopolis
Prince Aylwin and Princess Ingerith
Coronet: 1992/05/10 in Innilgard
Investiture: 1992/09/05 in Politarchopolis
Stepped down: 1993/01/02 in Stormhold
*Prince John and Princess Gabriel
Coronet: 1992/09/06 in Politarchopolis
Investiture: 1993/01/02 in Stormhold
Stepped down: 1993/05/15 in Rowany
*Prince Brusi and Princess Catherine
Coronet: 1993/01/03 in Stormhold
Investiture: 1993/05/15 in Rowany
Stepped down: 1993/09/04 in River Haven
Prince Alfar I and Princess Susannah
Coronet: 1993/05/16 in Rowany
Investiture: 1993/09/04 in River Haven
Stepped down: 1994/01/08 in Politarchopolis
Prince Corin II and Princess Keridwen II
Coronet: 1993/09/05 in River Haven
Investiture: 1994/01/08 in Politarchopolis
Stepped down: 1994/05/14 in Dismal Fogs
Prince Cornelius I and Princess Morwynna I
Coronet: 1994/01/09 in Politarchopolis
Investiture: 1994/05/14 in Dismal Fogs
Stepped down: 1994/09/03 in Innilgard
Prince Bran and Princess Cairistiona
Coronet: 1994/05/15 in Dismal Fogs
Investiture: 1994/09/03 in Innilgard
Stepped down: 1995/01/07 in Aneala
Prince Alfar II and Princess Isabeau
Coronet: 1994/09/04 in Innilgard
Investiture: 1995/01/07 in Aneala
Stepped down: 1995/05/13 in Rowany
*Prince Peter and Princess Muirghein
Coronet: 1995/01/08 in Aneala
Investiture: 1995/05/13 in Rowany
Stepped down: 1995/09/09 in Stahlburg
*Prince Finnian and Princess Lucrezia
Coronet: 1995/05/14 in Rowany
Investiture: 1995/09/09 in Stahlburg
Stepped down: 1996/01/13 in Stormhold
*Prince Cornelius II and Princess Morwynna II
Coronet: 1995/09/10 in Stahlburg
Investiture: 1996/01/13 in Stormhold
Stepped down: 1996/05/04 in River Haven
*Prince Alfar III and Princess Elspeth I
Coronet: 1996/01/14 in Stormhold
Investiture: 1996/05/04 in River Haven
Stepped down: 1996/09/15 in Ynys Fawr
Prince Alaric and Princess Nerissa
Coronet: 1996/05/05 in River Haven
Investiture: 1996/09/15 in Ynys Fawr
Stepped down: 1997/01/11 in Politarchopolis
Prince Corin III and Princess Keridwen III
Coronet: 1996/09/16 in Ynys Fawr
Investiture: 1997/01/11 in Politarchopolis
Stepped down: 1997/07/05 in Rowany
*Prince Ragnar and Princess Bliss
Coronet: 1997/05/17 in Innilgard
Investiture: 1997/07/05 in Rowany
Stepped down: 1998/01/10 in Agaricus
*Prince Boris I and Princess Constance I
Coronet: 1997/11/01 in Mordenvale
Investiture: 1998/01/10 in Agaricus
Stepped down: 1998/07/01 in Mordenvale
*Prince Alfar IV and Princess Elspeth II
Coronet: 1998/05/09 in St. Florian-de-la-riviere
Investiture: 1998/07/01 in Mordenvale
Stepped down: 1999/01/09 in Dismal Fogs
*Prince Kurgan and Princess Huraiwa
Coronet: 1998/11/14 in Innilgard
Investiture: 1999/01/09 in Dismal Fogs
Stepped down: 1999/07/10 in Aneala
*Prince Ădward and Princess Yolande
Coronet: 1999/05/08 in Agaricus
Investiture: 1999/07/10 in Aneala
Stepped down: 2000/01/15 in Stormhold
Prince Cornelius III and Princess Morwynna III
Coronet: 1999/11/06 in Politarchopolis
Investiture: 2000/01/15 in Stormhold
Stepped down: 2000/07/08 in Ynys Fawr
Prince Boris II and Princess Constance II
Coronet: 2000/05/20 in Riverhaven
Investiture: 2000/07/08 in Ynys Fawr
Stepped down: 2001/01/13 in Politarchopolis
Prince Gui and Princess Ălfled
Coronet: 2000/11/04 in Borders Crossing
Investiture: 2001/01/13 in Politarchopolis
Stepped down: 2001/07/14 in Rowany
Prince Alfar V and Princess Liadan
Coronet: 2001/05/05 in Torlyon
Investiture: 2001/07/14 in Rowany
Stepped down: 2002/01/12 in Agaricus
Prince Gawain and Princess Yve
Coronet: 2001/11/03 in Stormhold
Investiture: 2002/01/12 in Agaricus
Stepped down: 2002/07/06 in Politarchopolis

Here ends the line of the Principality of Lochac. Its heritage continues with the line of the Kingdom of Lochac.

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