Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Reign of Henrik I and Wendryn, 3rd Crown of the West

King Henrik I (Henrik of Havn)
Queen Wendryn (Wendryn Townsend)
Crown: 1966/09/25 in Cragmont Park, Berkeley
Coronation: 1967/03/25 in Amphitheater Playfield, Tilden Park, Berkeley
Stepped down: 1967/04/30 in Cragmount Park, Berkeley

NOTE: Henrik and Wendryn were acclaimed as King and Queen after the tournament. The formal coronation was not until March 25, 1967, after Henrik was knighted by Fulk. Wendryn did not attend her Coronation so she was crowned in absentia.


King Fulk I and Queen Mary I of the West


King Richard II and Queen Anne of the West

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