Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Reign of Richard II and Anne, 4th Crown of the West

King Richard II (Richard the Short, aka Richard of Mont Royal)
Queen Anne (Anne of San Anselmo)
Crown: 1967/03/25 in Amphitheater Playfield, Tilden Park, Berkeley
Coronation: 1967/04/30 in Cragmount Park, Berkeley
Stepped down: 1967/09/30 in Newman Center, Palo Alto

NOTE: Richard II is sometimes listed as having ruled this reign with Diana Listmaker and not Anne. This is because one of the events at which this Crown presided was one which Anne could not attend due to illness, and Diana acted as Richard's consort for the day.


King Henrik I and Queen Wendryn of the West


King Fulk II and Queen Mary II of the West

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