Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Reign of Pontius and Sheherezon, 10th Crown of Atenveldt

King Pontius (Pontius Maximillian de Leon of South Cashio, aka Pancho)
Queen Sheherezon (Sheherezon Sequora Maximilian)
Crown: 1975/04/27 in Tempe
Coronation: 1975/06/22
Stepped down: 1975/12/13

NOTE: The Outlands list incorrectly (according to one of Seherezon's ladies-in-waiting) says that they succeeded Reynard II and Kathleen III, not Robert II and Sequora II.
Countess Sheherezon died in (approximately) 1977.


King Robert II and Queen Sequora II of Atenveldt


King Denis and Queen Samantha of Atenveldt

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