Royal Genealogy of the Known World
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The Line of the Kingdom of the Middle

The line of the Kingdom of the Middle comes from the line of the Kingdom of the West, birthed by King Henrik IV and Queen Leanne III.

Reigns with an accompanying photo are marked with an asterisk (*)

King Cariadoc I and Queen Diana I
Crown: 1969/07/04 in Wilcon, Wilmot Mt., WI
Coronation: 1969/09/30 in St. Louis, MO
Stepped down: 1970/10/10 in Treegirtsea

King Franz and Queen Abrizhade
Crown: 1970/05/02 in Treegirtsea
Coronation: 1970/10/10 in Treegirtsea
Stepped down: 1971/05/08 in North Woods
King Cariadoc II and Queen Diana II
Crown: 1970/10/11 in Treegirtsea
Coronation: 1971/05/08 in North Woods
Stepped down: 1971/10/09 in Middle Marches
King Iriel and Queen Morna
Crown: 1971/05/08 in North Woods
Coronation: 1971/10/09 in Middle Marches
Stepped down: 1972/05/13 in Treegirtsea
King Andrew I and Queen Anne I
Crown: 1971/10/09 in Middle Marches
Coronation: 1972/05/13 in Treegirtsea
Stepped down: 1972/10/28 in North Woods
King Thaid and Queen Alexis
Crown: 1972/05/13 in Treegirtsea
Coronation: 1972/10/28 in North Woods
Stepped down: 1973/05/12 in Flame
King Andrew II and Queen Anne II
Crown: 1972/10/28 in North Woods
Coronation: 1973/05/12 in Flame
Stepped down: 1973/10/13 in Mystic Straights
*King Merowald I and Queen Gwendolyn
Crown: 1973/05/12 in Flame
Coronation: 1973/10/13 in Mystic Straights
Stepped down: 1974/05/11 in Med Con, Three Hills
King Bearengaer and Queen Jessica
Crown: 1793/10/13 in Mystic Straights
Coronation: 1974/05/11 in Med Con, Three Hills
Stepped down: 1974/10/12 in Cleftlands
King Dagan I and Queen Armida
Crown: 1974/05/18 in Wurm Wald
Coronation: 1974/10/12 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 1975/04/19 in North Woods
King Rolac and Queen Lindanlorien
Crown: 1974/10/26 in Three Hills
Coronation: 1975/04/19 in North Woods
Stepped down: 1975/10/04 in Wurm Wald
King Michael and Queen Zarina I
Crown: 1975/05/10 in Jararvellir
Coronation: 1975/10/04 in Wurm Wald
Stepped down: 1976/03/09
King Albert and Queen Selene
Crown: 1975/10/25 in Rivenstar
Coronation: 1976/05/08 in Treegirtsea
Stepped down: 1976/10/09 in Three Hills
King Dagan II and Queen Catherine
Crown: 1976/05/29 in North Woods
Coronation: 1976/10/09 in Three Hills
Stepped down: 1977/05/14 in Eoforwic
King Finnvarr and Queen Caellyn
Crown: 1976/10/23 in Withermoor
Coronation: 1977/05/14 in Eoforwic
Stepped down: 1977/10/15 in Cleftlands
*King Merowald II and Queen Kirsten I
Crown: 1977/05/28 in Nordskogen
Coronation: 1977/10/15 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 1978/05/20 in Rivenstar
King Moonwulf I and Queen Zarina II
Crown: 1977/11/05 in Carraig Ban
Coronation: 1978/05/20 in Rivenstar
Stepped down: 1978/09/30 in Wurm Wald
King Nathan and Queen Kirsten II
Crown: 1978/05/27 in Three Rivers
Coronation: 1978/09/30 in Wurm Wald
Stepped down: 1979/05/05 in Cleftlands
*King Laurelen I and Queen Ithriliel I
Crown: 1978/10/28 in North Woods
Coronation: 1979/05/05 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 1979/10/13 in Andelcrag
King Alen I and Queen Emmelyne I
Crown: 1979/05/19 in Unicorn
Coronation: 1979/10/13 in Andelcrag
Stepped down: 1980/05/03 in Grey Gargoyles
King Talymar I and Queen Valmai
Crown: 1979/10/27 in Illiton
Coronation: 1980/05/03 in Grey Gargoyles
Stepped down: 1980/10/04 in Cleftlands
*King Laurelen II and Queen Ithriliel II
Crown: 1980/05/25 in NorthShield (Racine, WI)
Coronation: 1980/10/04 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 1981/05/02 in Eoforwic
*King Hugo and Queen Caitlin I
Crown: 1980/10/28 in Wurm Wald
Coronation: 1981/05/02 in Eoforwic
Stepped down: 1981/10/03 in Sternfeld
Here branches off the line of the Principality of Calontir
King Moonwulf II and Queen Takya
Crown: 1981/05/30 in Starleafgate
Coronation: 1981/10/03 in Sternfeld
Stepped down: 1982/05/08 in Roaring Wastes
King Andrew III and Queen Sharra
Crown: 1981/11/07 in Carraig Ban
Coronation: 1982/05/08 in Roaring Wastes
Stepped down: 1982/10/16 in Flaming Gryphon
King Talymar II and Queen Eislinn I
Crown: 1982/05/29 in Wurm Wald
Coronation: 1982/10/16 in Flaming Gryphon
Stepped down: 1983/05/14 in Caer Anterth/Vanished Wood
King Corin I and Queen Myfanwy I
Crown: 1982/10/30 in North Woods
Coronation: 1983/05/14 in Caer Anterth/Vanished Wood
Stepped down: 1983/10/15 in Cleftlands
King Alen II and Queen Genvieve
Crown: 1983/05/28 in Three Rivers
Coronation: 1983/10/15 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 1984/05/05 in Cynnabar
*King Eliahu I and Queen Elen I
Crown: 1983/10/29 in Tirnewydd
Coronation: 1984/05/05 in Cynnabar
Stepped down: 1984/10/13 in North Woods
King Valerius and Queen Fernanda
Crown: 1984/05/26 in St. Carol on the Moor
Coronation: 1984/10/13 in North Woods
Stepped down: 1985/05/04 in Sternfeld
King Corin II and Queen Myfanwy II
Crown: 1984/10/27 in Nordskogen
Coronation: 1985/05/04 in Sternfeld
Stepped down: 1985/10/12 in Gwyntarian
*King Alen III and Queen Isabella
Crown: 1985/05/18 in Caer Anterth
Coronation: 1985/10/12 in Gwyntarian
Stepped down: 1986/05/10 in Wurm Wald
King Palymar I and Queen Katherine I
Crown: 1985/10/26 in Roaring Wastes
Coronation: 1986/05/10 in Wurm Wald
Stepped down: 1986/10/04 in Cleftlands
King Emrys and Queen Emmelyne II
Crown: 1986/05/25 in Carraig Ban
Coronation: 1986/10/04 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 1987/05/09 in Illiton
King Talymar III and Queen Eislinn II
Crown: 1986/10/25 in Tirnewydd
Coronation: 1987/05/09 in Illiton
Stepped down: 1987/10/03 in Cynnabar
King Eliahu II and Queen Elen II
Crown: 1987/05/30 in Cynnabar
Coronation: 1987/10/03 in Cynnabar
Stepped down: 1988/05/07 in Shattered Crystal
King Corwyn and Queen Shana
Crown: 1987/10/24 in Grey Gargoyles
Coronation: 1988/05/07 in Shattered Crystal
Stepped down: 1988/10/08 in Three Hills
King Reynard and Queen Brynhildr
Crown: 1988/05/28 in Red Spears
Coronation: 1988/10/08 in Three Hills
Stepped down: 1989/05/13 in Eoforwic
King Palymar II and Queen Katherine II
Crown: 1988/10/29 in Dark River
Coronation: 1989/05/13 in Eoforwic
Stepped down: 1989/10/07 in Grey Gargoyles
*King Tadashi and Queen Ariake
Crown: 1989/05/28 in Caer Anterth
Coronation: 1989/10/07 in Grey Gargoyles
Stepped down: 1990/05/12 in Pentamer
Here branches off the line of the Principality of Ealdormere
King Comar I and Queen Lisa I
Crown: 1989/10/28 in Trinovantia
Coronation: 1990/05/12 in Pentamer
Stepped down: 1990/10/13 in Roaring Wastes
King Dag I and Queen Ilsa I
Crown: 1990/05/26 in Flaming Gryphon
Coronation: 1990/10/13 in Roaring Wastes
Stepped down: 1991/05/04 in Wolves Keep
King David and Queen Tangwystl
Crown: 1990/10/27 in Nordskogen
Coronation: 1991/05/04 in Wolves Keep
Stepped down: 1991/10/12 in Rivenstar
*King Comar II and Queen Lisa II
Crown: 1991/05/26 in Swordcliff
Coronation: 1991/10/12 in Rivenstar
Stepped down: 1992/05/16 in Shadowed Stars
*King Ronin and Queen Katya
Crown: 1991/10/26 in Jararvellir
Coronation: 1992/05/16 in Shadowed Stars
Stepped down: 1992/10/10 in North Woods
King Finn I and Queen Garlanda I
Crown: 1992/05/24 in Nordskogen
Coronation: 1992/10/10 in North Woods
Stepped down: 1993/05/08 in Roaring Wastes
*King Dag II and Queen Ilsa II
Crown: 1992/10/17 in Stormvale
Coronation: 1993/05/08 in Roaring Wastes
Stepped down: 1993/10/02 in Dragon's Mark
King Jafar and Queen Catherine de la Rose
Crown: 1993/05/30 in Fenix
Coronation: 1993/10/02 in Dragon's Mark
Stepped down: 1994/05/14 in Fenix
*King Finn II and Queen Garlanda II
Crown: 1993/10/23 in Sternfeld
Coronation: 1994/05/14 in Fenix
Stepped down: 1994/10/15 in Roaring Wastes
*King Brannos I and Queen Rebekah I
Crown: 1994/05/29 in Shattered Crystal
Coronation: 1994/10/15 in Roaring Wastes
Stepped down: 1995/05/06 in Hrothgard Fjord
*King Osis I and Queen Valthiona
Crown: 1994/10/29 in Ben Dunfirth
Coronation: 1995/05/06 in Hrothgard Fjord
Stepped down: 1995/10/14 in Roaring Wastes
King Tarquin and Queen Aibhilin
Crown: 1995/05/27 in Shadowed Stars
Coronation: 1995/10/14 in Roaring Wastes
Stepped down: 1996/05/11 in Vanished Woods
Here branches off the line of the Principality of Northshield
King Edmund I and Queen Katryn I
Crown: 1995/10/21 in Swordcliffe
Coronation: 1996/05/11 in Vanished Woods
Stepped down: 1996/10/05 in Ardchreag/Eoforwic/Skeldergate/Vest Yorvik
*King Osis II and Queen Caitlin II
Crown: 1996/05/26 in Caer Anterth
Coronation: 1996/10/05 in Ardchreag/Eoforwic/Skeldergate/Vest Yorvik
Stepped down: 1997/03/01 in Gwyntarian
*King Edmund II and Queen Katryn II
Crown: 1996/10/12 in Flaming Gryphon
Coronation: 1997/03/01 in Gwyntarian
Stepped down: 1997/09/20 in Rivenstar
*King Palymar III and Queen Aislinn I
Crown: 1997/05/25 in Cynnabar
Coronation: 1997/09/20 in Rivenstar
Stepped down: 1998/04/18 in Flaming Gryphon
*Queen Kenna
Crown: 1997/11/01 in Sternfeld
Coronation: 1998/04/18 in Flaming Gryphon
Stepped down: 1998/09/19 in Swordcliff
*King Dag III and Queen Elayna I
Crown: 1998/05/24 in Nordskogen
Coronation: 1998/09/19 in Swordcliff
Stepped down: 1999/04/17 in Thistle
*King Ragnvalder I and Queen Arabella I
Crown: 1998/10/03 in Three Hills
Coronation: 1999/04/17 in Thistle
Stepped down: 1999/09/25 in Windhaven
*King Finn III and Queen Tamara
Crown: 1999/05/29 in Rimsholt
Coronation: 1999/09/25 in Windhaven
Stepped down: 2000/04/29 in Roaring Wastes
*King Dag IV and Queen Elayna II
Crown: 1999/10/30 in Sternfeld
Coronation: 2000/04/29 in Roaring Wastes
Stepped down: 2000/09/23 in Alderford/Gwyntarian
*King Edmund III and Queen Katryn III
Crown: 2000/05/28 in Dark River
Coronation: 2000/09/23 in Alderford/Gwyntarian
Stepped down: 2001/04/21 in Lochmorrow
*King Bardolph I and Queen Brigh I
Crown: 2000/10/21 in Fenix
Coronation: 2001/04/21 in Lochmorrow
Stepped down: 2001/09/22 in Cleftlands
*King Ragnvaldr II and Queen Arabella II
Crown: 2001/05/27 in Border Downs
Coronation: 2001/09/22 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 2002/04/13 in Cleftlands
*King Valharic and Queen Alys
Crown: 2001/10/20 in Andelcrag
Coronation: 2002/04/13 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 2002/09/28 in Rockwall
*King Tarrach and Queen Fina
Crown: 2002/05/26 in Mynydd Seren
Coronation: 2002/09/28 in Rockwall
Stepped down: 2003/05/10 in Rivenstar
*King Pieter and Queen Nan Astrid
Crown: 2002/10/19 in Baile na Scolairi
Coronation: 2003/05/10 in Rivenstar
Stepped down: 2003/09/20 in Cynnabar
*King Alasdair and Queen Guenièvre
Crown: 2003/05/25 in Fenix
Coronation: 2003/09/20 in Cynnabar
Stepped down: 2004/05/15 in Grey Gargoyles
*King Felix I and Queen Madeleina I
Crown: 2003/10/24 in Caer Anterth Mawr
Coronation: 2004/05/15 in Grey Gargoyles
Stepped down: 2004/10/23 in Gleann Iaruinn
*King Brannos II and Queen Rebekah II
Crown: 2004/05/30 in Roaring Wastes
Coronation: 2004/10/23 in Gleann Iaruinn
Stepped down: 2005/04/16 in Cleftlands
*King Alaric and Queen Noelle
Crown: 2004/10/30 in Narrental
Coronation: 2005/04/16 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 2005/10/01 in Tirnewydd
King Edmund IV and Queen Katryn IV
Crown: 2005/05/29 in Fenix
Coronation: 2005/10/01 in Tyrnewydd
Stepped down: 2006/04/22 in Andelcrag
*King Felix II and Queen Madeleina II
Crown: 2005/10/22 in Andelcrag
Coronation: 2006/04/22 in Andelcrag
Stepped down: 2006/10/16 in Sternfeld
King Bardolph II and Queen Brigh II
Crown: 2006/05/28 in Flaming Gryphon
Coronation: 2006/10/16 in Sternfeld
Stepped down: 2007/04/28
*King Dag V and Queen AnneMarie I
Crown: 2006/10/21 in Illiton
Coronation: 2007/04/28
Stepped down: 2007/09/29
*King Palymar IV and Queen Aislinn II
Crown: 2007/05/26 in Gwyntarian
Coronation: 2007/09/29
Stepped down: 2008/04/19 in Dragonsmark
*King Lutr and Queen Tessa
Crown: 2007/10/20
Coronation: 2008/04/19 in Dragonsmark
Stepped down: 2008/09/27
King Ullr I and Queen AnneLyse I
Crown: 2008/05/24 in Fenix
Coronation: 2008/09/27
Stepped down: 2009/05/02 in Cleftlands
*King EikBrandr I and Queen Runa I
Crown: 2008/10/18 in Flaming Gryphon
Coronation: 2009/05/02 in Cleftlands
Stepped down: 2009/10/30
*King Dag VI and Queen AnneMarie II
Crown: 2009/05/24
Coronation: 2009/10/30
Stepped down: 2010/05/01
King Radagaisus and Queen Ceinwen
Crown: 2009/10/17
Coronation: 2010/05/01
Stepped down: 2010/09/24
King Ullr II and Queen Annelyse II
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2010/09/24
Stepped down: 2011/04/16
King Eikbrandr II and Queen Runa II
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2011/09/24
Stepped down: 2012/05/05
King Savaric and Queen Julianna
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2012/05/05
Stepped down: 2012/09/29
King Dag VII and Queen AnneMarie III
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2012/09/29
Stepped down: 2013/05/04
*King Lucien and Queen Catarina
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2013/05/04
Stepped down: 2013/10/05
King Cellach and Queen Vukasin
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2013/10/05
Stepped down: 2014/05/03
*King Cameron and Queen Amalie
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2014/05/03
Stepped down: 2014/09/27
*King Cadogan and Queen AnnMarie
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2014/09/27
Stepped down: 2015/05/02
*King Ragnvalder III and Queen Arabella III
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2015/05/02
Stepped down: 2015/??/??
*King Nikolai and Queen Serena
Crown: ????/??/??
Coronation: 2015/??/??
Cameron of Beckenham and Amalie of Beckenham
Crown: 2015/??/??

Here ends the line of the Kingdom of the Middle.

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