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The Reign of Deaton II and Care-Cheri II, 14th Crown of Atenveldt

King Deaton II (Deaton Claymore)
Queen Care-Cheri II (Care-Cheri of the Fallen Stars)
Crown: 1977/03/13 in Barony of Atenveldt
Coronation: 1977/03/13 in Barony of Atenveldt
Stepped down: 1977/08/13 in Great River

NOTE: Deaton served as Regent from February (when Jonathan abdicated) to March (when he was crowned).
The Crown Tourney which determined Deaton and Care Cheri as Heirs took place over two days, March 12-13.


King Johnathan and Queen Lyn I of Atenveldt


King Ton and Queen Elizabeth of Atenveldt
Prince Gunwaldt I and Princess Aislinn of the Outlands


Prince Ivan and Princess Kathleen of the Sun

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